Application Support Engineer

Company Name:
Open Systems Technologies
We are building a global team to support the Treasury suite of applications and it is time to add someone who can help us take our support approach to the next level.
Experience is important. For this role you'll need to have at least 5 years of experience in IT and Application Support preferably in the financial services industry. You have prior hands-on experience supporting enterprise grade financial applications and you are knowledgeable in technologies such as:
Microsoft Technologies: Office, Active Directory, SharePoint, BizTalk
OS: Microsoft Windows (Server and desktop) and Linux/Unix
Request Systems: Jira, ServiceNow, Remedy
Virtualization: VMware, VMware View, Citrix XenApp
Scripting: SQL, PowerShell, Perl, VBScript/WSH, cmd/bat, and UNIX sh/ksh/bash
Here's who we're looking for:
You come from a technology background and are very well-versed in supporting enterprise scale financial applications (whether in-house developed or externally sourced), troubleshooting issues involving complex application logic, navigating through file systems and databases, and are familiar with disaster recovery procedures. You have experience supporting a number of applications typically found in a financial services organization from vendors such as Reuters, Bloomberg, SS&C, Princeton Financial Systems, and Advent.
You are an excellent communicator and self-starter and you are able to collaborate productively with infrastructure professionals, application developers, external system vendors, and end users. You pose intelligent and probing questions when trying to understand a problem, and you perform technical research proactively as required. You quickly learn key concepts of how a technology operates and you provide accurate and detailed solution summaries including risk centered control strengths and weaknesses. Your understanding and exposure to the technology and the controls related to its implementation, usage, and management are essential to the options and solutions you recommend. People know you as an approachable, easy to understand professional and they seek you out for advice, guidance, and instruction in the areas of application support and maintenance.
You're the type of person who loves supporting enterprise grade production critical systems and the challenges that come along with successfully integrating diverse application functionality into a cohesive and reliable solution for a global business function. You are passionate about establishing responsive and business focused support processes that create a productive application working environment for your business colleagues.
You believe in Agile methods for collaboration and organizing work. You understand the perspectives and techniques of Scrum, Lean, and Kanban because you have taken the time to read books and articles on these subjects by authors of the methodologies. Nevertheless, you understand that not all methods can be applied verbatim and you always work to apply the techniques that you learn in the most appropriate and reasonable ways for the situation at hand.
If you were working for us, here are some of the things you would have done last week:
o Reviewed the daily issues reported by the Treasury users, ensured all critical issues have either been resolved or are being actively addressed by the appropriate teams.
o Took a deep-dive into the details of an automated overnight batch process in a third party application. Learned some additional information about the ETL (Export-Transform-Load) configuration in BizTalk and its automated execution in Autosys (the batch scheduling system).
o Collaborated with application developers, end users and third party solution providers to discuss long term solution options for frequently occurring issues in a Treasury application.
o Read the user reference and administration guides of a vendor based application to learn the technical details of its security model. Work with a Development team colleague to create a daily report to provide oversight of permission changes made within the application.
o Scheduled a meeting with in-house OpenLink Development and Release Management teams to review their process for checking-in application changes to source code repositories, building, packaging, and versioning application upgrades, and running automated deployment scripts in non-production/test environments.

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